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In this insightful report you’ll discover:
  • 7 Words of Wisdom From Master Joseph Zbukvic
  • 3 Ways To Keep Your Watercolors Fresh and Loose
  • Sandra Strohschein’s Tip On How To “Wake Up” Your Watercolors
  • What Most New Watercolor Artists Do That Makes The Painting Worse
  • Brienne Brown’s Technique on Painting Leaves
  • Angus McEwan’s 6 Secrets to Better Snow Scenes
  • Keiko Tanabe’s Intuitive Way In Choosing Subjects
  • Yong Hong Zhong’s 5 Fail-Safe Techniques for Painting Greens
  • Shuang Li’s Advice On Painting Crystals and Using Transparent Watercolor
  • Frank Constantino’s 3 Tips When Sketching With Watercolor
  • How To Know When To Add The Next Wash, by Brienne Brown
  • What To Do When Plans Go Awry
  • A Quick Lesson On 2 Types of Shadows
  • How To Use Elements of Design To Your Advantage, by Ryan Fox
  • 2 Tips For Keeping Your Shapes Simple
  • John Salminen’s Must-Have Brush
  • 6 Ways to Kickstart Your Creativity With Color Studies
  • Iain Stewart’s Sketch Bag Supply List
  • PLUS: An Invitation to Meet & Paint With Over 20 Of The World’s Best Watercolor Artists!
  • And much, much more!

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